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Needs Assessment Report

El Cerrito Library Community Needs Assessment – October 2006 (PDF)

A new 21,626 square foot Library is recommended for El Cerrito. The new facility will enable the Library’s collections to grow over time to 75,700 books and media items, shelved on appropriate shelving. It will accommodate a seating capacity of 126, distributed throughout the facility and providing a variety of seating options. It will provide 54 public access computers, 42 in open access spaces and 12 in a computer training room. It will provide an acoustically enclosed meeting room that can accommodate audiences of 100 people, three group study rooms and a separate children’s programming area. Space dedicated for teens and for literacy tutoring would also be available (Page + Moris LLC, p. 1).


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County library projects

The last decade has seen a number of exciting library projects initiated throughout the Contra Costa County. One purpose in sharing this information is to get El Cerritans thinking about the possibilities in our own town and how other communities have handled their needs and their resources.

Contra Costa County Library Annual Reports

Contra Costa County cities with new and renovated libraries

A Writer’s Perspective

El Cerrito is rich in published authors and other arts professionals. This new series feature will spotlight their original perspectives.

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